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The History


The valorization of quality extra virgin olive oil is important for the producer as well as for the consumer who have the same desire and interest to protect human health and the environment through product’s traceability. In 1978, first in the world, we introduced the traceability promoting, directly from the Crashers, the quality of the best extra virgin olive oils by stating in the label the production area and by proving the consumer with information about the characteristics of the most important Mediterranean cultivars. 

To export the regional extra virgin olive oil we introduced the Marasca squared bottle.   In June 1983, following a request made by our Family Company, the Italian Authorities adopted a decision authorizing the use of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration label. This milestone allowed for the liberalization of olive oil export to the U.S where, in less than two years, its consumption increased from 15.000 mt up to 60.000 mt. In 1985, German Supermarkets agreed to start buying packed olive oil; the same happened in Japan in 1987. Today, olive oil is consumed all over the world and the Mediterranean diet has spread with it. After 31 years, we are still in the beginning phases of this process. We are at the disposal of any buyer wishing to contribute to a revolution that is changing for the better the global food consumption habits.


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